023700-0000-110: 2370B LED Flashlight ((Boxed) $60.92

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Pelican 2360 LED Flashlight

023600-0001-110: 2360B LED Flashlight $29.00
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One of the brightest AA multi-purpose lights on the market that features white, red and blue color lens. Features a selector ring located toward the head of the light to switch between the different color modes. This selector ring is unique in that it utilizes magnetism to change colors rather than a contact switch. This is a far superior design as there is no wear and tear on contact parts and offers superior reliability.


Multiple light modes as the 2370 LED features 3 colored LEDs:

• One high/ one low mode white LED
• One low mode red LED
• One low mode blue LED
• Momentary function in all modes

Colored LEDs (red/blue) preserve night vision which is useful in multiple applications like reading
maps, navigating outdoors without disturbing wildlife and other low level uses.

Features a removable clip

Powered by AA cells (included) which is very economical

Knurling on the body provides a secure grip

Super bright, long life and impact resistant LED technology


  • LUMEN VALUE 106 (HIGH) / 13 (LOW)
  • Weight w/o batteries: 4.9 OZ. / 0.14 KGS
  • TOTAL LENGTH 6.43" / 16.3 CMS

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2370B LED FLASHLIGHT (Boxed) is a Pelican Consumer and Pelican Lighting brand product.


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