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Squishy Bowl and Cup Set has been discontinued.
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On the go silicone “Squishy Bowl” and cup that retain their shape after packing. Come in four great colors: Tomato; Tahoe Blue; Celery and Slate. Easy to clean with soap and water and then nest together for easy, space-saving packing.


  • Temperature tolerant to 400F
  • Large Bowl: 16 oz (500ml) capacity, 3.3oz. (93g) wt.
  • Medium Bowl: 14 oz. (420ml) capacity, 2.6oz. (67g) wt.
  • Cup: 6 oz. (200ml) capacity, 1.7 oz. oz. (48g) wt.

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Product info request for Squishy Bowl and Cup Set

Squishy Bowl and Cup Set is a Guyot Designs and Summit/Adventure 16 brand product.

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