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28" PVC Wide Body Traffic Cone

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Cone Stabilizer

16442 (3004153): 9 1/2" HOLE for F & FL CONES $11.50

PVC Cone Bar

15046A-CBYB: PVC Cone Bar $18.50
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Each TrafFix PVC Cone is Injection Molded, MUTCD Compliant, and come in 18", 28", and 36" heights. The PVC Cones are fluorescent orange in color. The PVC Cone has excellent stability and anti-skid performance. TrafFix 28" and 36" PVC Cones available with reflective collars for MUTCD Compliant nighttime performance. For ease of use all PVC Cones easily stack for transport and storage.

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28" pvc Traffic cones with 2 Reflective stripes. 7lb cone. is a TrafFix Devices brand product.

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