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Disposable Coveralls w/Zipper Front - w/Elastic by PermaGard®

Disposable Coveralls w/Zipper Front-Elastic Wrists & Ankles by ProGard

Disposable Coveralls w/Zipper-Open Wrists & Ankles by PureGard

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Comes with Serged Seams. Four threads are interlocked to form a strong seam. This is the standard method to attach two raw edges together. Each inch of seam has 7 stitches that give the suit added strength at the seams and better particulate barrier protection.

  • Collar
  • Elastic Wrists
  • Elastic Ankles
  • Zipper Front
  • White

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Disposable Coveralls - White Polypro w/elastic by Polygard is a PolyGard brand product.

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