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28" pvc Traffic cones with 2 Reflective stripes. 7lb cone.

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PVC Cone Bar

15046A-CBYB: PVC Cone Bar $18.50
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PVC Traffic Cone MUTC Compliant

  • Injection molded PVC, MUTCD Compliant, 28" wide body traffic cone.
  • Ruber base for excellent stability and anti-skid performance
  • 7lb. or 10lb.
  • 6" and 4" reflective collar for MUTCD compliant nighttime performance.
  • Fluorescent orange color throughout for superior fade resistance.
  • Ridges on the inner cone allow for easy stacking and deployment.
  • Reflective collars are recessed, providing abrasion resistance and easy stacking.
  • PVC and rubber formulation provides excellent all-weather performance.


  • 7lb.=369/pallet
  • 10lb.=342/pallet

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28" PVC Wide Body Traffic Cone is a TrafFix Devices and Traffic-Pak brand product.

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