15005: Assisted Rescue Kit (ARK) $1,099.00

Alternate configurations (2)

SRK-11 (Self-Rescue Kit)

Rapid Deployment Rescue Ladder (R.D.R.L.)

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The Assisted Rescue Kit allows just one person to successfully perform a rescue in minutes! The rescue system is based on: accessing the victim; raising the victim to release pressure on fall; lower him or her easily to the ground.


Innovate components include the following:

  • Comes with 300’ of line
  • Telescopic pole used to reach remote victims
  • Raising/lowering system utilizing a 6:1 mechanical advantage
  • Rope Rider Controlled Descent Device
  • Length of kit can be customized dependent upon your potential rescue needs!
  • Easily adaptable for Real Life Rescues
  • Meets ANSI testing standards and certified by UL

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Assisted-Rescue Kit (ARK) is a Guardian Fall Protection brand product.

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