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A down and dirty product that will simply get the job done. With a steel framed, reinforced synthetic housing, quick action spring mechanisms, and state-of-the-art material is lightweight and inexpensive that will hold up to harsh job site environments.

  • 16’, 20’, 25’ and 50’ Galvanized Cable Retractable w/ Swivel top/Hook & Caribiners
  • Cost effective
  • Steel framed reinforced synthetic housing
  • Simple design for easy repair
  • Quick spring action design to drastically reduce unwanted lockup



1. Spring Loaded Absorber: limits the redundant locking up of the retractable that can create costly repairs and frustrated employees. This added flexibility makes the retractable easier to use.

2. Steel Framed Housing: The steel plate insert molded into the ultra lightweight housing provides added strength and durability to the retractable. This superior, advanced manufacturing process is cost effective, yet delivers the dependability you require.

3. Triple Locking Device: creates backup safety features so that the retractable will lock up well within ANSI guidelines. The combination of the brass pawls and unique braking mechanisms create an energy absorbing system designed to limit fall arrest forces.


  • 10984: 20 ft. Galvanized Cable Retractable w/ Swivel top/Hook & Caribiner
  • 10985: 25 ft. Galvanized Cable Retractable w/ Swivel Top/Hook & Caribiner
  • 10987: 50 ft. Galvanized Cable Retractable w/ Swivel Top/Hook & Caribiner
  • 10989: 16 ft. Galvanized Cable Retractable w/ Swivel Top/Hook & Caribiner

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Aardvark Retractable Lifeline is a Guardian Fall Protection brand product.

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