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Skid-Mates® w/T-NUT

Spacer, SKID-MATE+Plus

2-020-00509: Skid-Mate+Plus & Spacer (96/Cs) $125.66

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Skid-Mates® w/T-NUT

Spacer, SKID-MATE+Plus

2-020-00509: Skid-Mate+Plus & Spacer (96/Cs) $125.66
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SKID-MATE cushions provide maximum cushioning and dampening performance with a minimum of size and weight. The SKID-MATE air dampened cushioning devices are easily attached to a pallet base with a 5/16"-18 UNC bolt threaded into the molded-in insert. .

Each color coded SKID-MATE corresponds to a specific load range and allows users to calculate
their requirements simply and easily to avoid potential laboratory testing and use of expensive
packaging materials:

  • Tan: 20-35 lbs. (9.6-15.9 kgs.) per pad
  • Green: 30-50 lbs. (13.6-22.7 kgs.) per pad
  • Yellow: 45-80 lbs. (20.4-36.3 kgs.) per pad
  • Blue: 70-125 lbs. (31.8-56.7 kgs.) per pad
  • Orange: 125-225 lbs. (56.7-102.0 kgs.) per pad



Standard features of Skid-Mate and Skid-Mate+Plus cushioning systems:

  • Shock Resistant
  • Simplicity: Easily attached to a pallet base with a 5/16"-18 UNC bolt and our standard T-nut (metric M8 option is also available).
  • Durable & Tough: Skid-Mate cushions can endure sliding over 3,000 feet (914 meters) of concrete floor and floor joints at maximum load.
  • High/Low Temperature Storage: Skid-Mate cushions are suitable for storage at 40° F to +130° F (-40° C to +54° C).
  • Chemical and Solvent Resistance: Skid-Mate cushions are made of polyethylene, a chemically inert material.
  • RECYCLABLE – Every cushion is environmentally friendly and reusable.

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Skid-Mates® w/o T-Nuts is a Pelican Classic/Protector Cases and Pelican-Hardigg brand product.


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