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This is a rescue kit for the professionals and is ideally suited to fire and rescue services. The FR Kit provides a flexible solution to rescues involving vertical, horizontal and tensioned lines.



  • Suitable for rescue from vertical and horizontal situations where a flexible line system is required that can be tensioned or released in a controlled manner. This will allow raising, lowering and tensioning operations.
  • Bladeless Cutting – victims can be recovered without the need to cut them free due to the raising and lowering capabilities of the kit
  • Rescue Direction – the Gotcha FR Kit is capable of rescuing vertically up and down as well as horizontally by tensioning
  • Pre-Assembled – no assembly is required by the user, but the kit can be changed from lowering mode into raising mode by altering the configuration
  • Assisted Rescue – the Gotcha FR Kit can be used in many ways and is designed to work in conjunction with a second kit to provide additional security where required
  • Single Person Use – a single kit is capable of lowering or raising a single casualty
  • Two Person Use – two kits used together will provide a secondary system suitable for lowering a rescuer to victim and then raising or lowering both the rescuer and the victim to a point of safety
  • Maximum Working Length – the Gotcha FR Kits are available in 195 ft and 325 ft versions
  • Each kit is capable of being used for lowering operations up to that maximum length

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Gotcha Fire & Rescue Kit is a Guardian Fall Protection brand product.

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