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The WT series water powered fans are powerful units for extreme conditions. These units are perfect for districts that include docks, shipping facilities, and large commercial structures that may require the ventilation of hazardous atmospheres.

718WT: 5 HP Water Turbine

  • Power Source: Water, 100-250 psi
  • Height: 21.75"x Width 22"x Depth 18.75"
  • Weight: 76#
  • CFM: 16,830

720WT: 5 HP Water Turbine:

  • Power Source: Water, 100-250 psi
  • Height: 25.50" x Width 24.50" x Depth 18.75"
  • Weight: 78#
  • CFM: 19,650

724WT: 12 Hp Water Turbine:

  • Power Source Water, 100-259psi
  • Height: 27.75" x Width 28.5" x Depth x21"
  • Weight 88#
  • CFM 22,470

The 730WT: 12 Hp Water Turbine:

  • Power Source Water, 100-259psi
  • Height 38.75" x Width x 37" Depth 15.5"
  • Weight 102#
  • CFM: 24,800
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WT Water Powered Fans is a SUPER VAC brand product.

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