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Powerful magnets latch onto steel drums to seal off puncture and corrosion leaks. A chemical resistant sealing pad is compressed against the damaged area to stop leaks on contact. No tools required. Maximum sealing area is 3 1/2″ × 7″.

Two models are available:

  • #2010 Weighs 5 lbs. and is for use on steel drums and other ferrous applications. 22 1/2"x 6 1/2″ × 2 7/8". 2 magnets and spark resistant assembly.
  • #2013-Universal Model weighs 9 lbs. and is for use on steel, polyethylene and fiber drums. 22 1/2″ × 6 1/2″ × 2 7/8". 2 magnets, spark resistant assembly and 10’ long ratchet strap included.

Both models: Stainless steel backing plate, EDPM sealing pad. Chemical compatability guide available upon request. For temporary use only.

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Ultra-Drum Tourniquets is a UltraTech Spill Containment brand product.

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