Sharp business practices

In the Old Days a Sharp Business practice was one that bordered on or was fraud. Today I have noted an increase in these Sharp practices. 1. “Go Daddy”, “Norton” and many others have an automatic renewal set up. One has to jump through lots of hoops to cancel an account.It is made complex so the customer will make a mistake and the account will automatically renew. The account will automatically renew if you do nothing to stop it. So, if you are ill, lose your job or have some crisis that demands your attention you get to pay for a product or service that you do not want and cannot afford. 2. Magazines send out subscription renewal notices every 10 to 20 days. It is not when the subscription runs out, it is designed to get you to renew months in advance. They also make it as complex as possible to cancel. To cancel any product or service should be easy. It should only take an e-mail or phone call or letter. It is time for the public to get together and put a stop to this. Twitter, You-tube, face book, get this out into the inter net. I.D. the offenders and get this B.S. stopped.