Ah, some kind o sunrise. Beautiful, just beautiful, I tell ya!
Even Golden Retrievers think there cool! Way Cool!

We were up early so we could eat breakfast, I mean they ate breakfast; me; I was in the car; waiting, dang it all!
After breakfast we made our first of many visits to the Policemen and Firemen of the Eastern Sierra. The last stop before we headed out of Ridgecrest was the Dolphin Fire Station; this is where it gets cool! They told my Mom to hit the Inyo-Kern fire station on the way out of town!! The landmark to look for was a Metallic Red Fire Hydrant, now that’s what I am talking about!! As far as I’m concerned all landmarks should be really cool looking fire hydrants! Dad even stopped so we could get a picture!

Did I mention this was a business road trip? No? I just did.

Any way’s the scenery was boring as we left Ridgecrest and headed up old US395. I lay in the back, chilling for a good while, when per chance I popped up, and demanded that my window be rolled down! There it was; the sight I had been waiting for, the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. Believe me when I say, it is one of those majestic views that a Golden just lives for!

Water! The one thing this Golden Loves is, WATER, with lots of DUCKS on the WATER; but my people really short circuit my little ol noodle! Its like, someone just gave me a wedgey! They tell me,” Ducks, usually are not found in the snow! Besides the roads are closed and we can’t get up there”!

If this is what I must endure on this trip, well let’s just forget it! Lets just turn around and go back home! This Golden can stand just so much disappointment! I need a pit stop! Hear me! I need a pit stop! That will show um!

We pulled into the Lone Pine Sheriffs substation, paid them a short visit, and yours truly had his pit stop, (oh the simple pleasures of a dogs life) and we were on our way again.

Over the river and down the road we go! Were we stop nobody knows! If you ask me; I don’t think my people know EITHER!

Well I guess they do know!
Bishop, we are rolling into stately (snicker!); Bishop, the gateway to the Sierras. Another police and fire station stop. BIG WHOOPIE!
We then found our way to a Tastee Freeze, my people stopped for soft serve (uh, like, were is mine!), and a much needed stretch break for all, oh ya, some gas for the rig too. Then we began are climb to Mammoth Lakes and this nights sleep over.

Let this dog tell ya, the vistas are spectacular! You can see the Owens valley behind you, and breath taking views of snow capped Sierra peaks in front of us! Yep! it is getting colder as we climb, and I like it!

Hell-O Mammoth Lakes! Land of snow and ski slopes!
Oh, yea! This is what I’m barking about! Woof and another big ol Woof. This room is huge! I have got more then enough room to roll my treat ball around and have some fun! Better yet I get to make Yellow snow!

Yes sir, there is still snow on the ground and my people take me out to play in it! Snow plow with my face! Roll in it and shake it off all over them; Yea! This here Golden is in HEAVEN; and I may tell my people to take a hike and leave me here. Alas, they tell me this will soon all melt away and then what do I do? Um, going after DUCKS at the lake, comes to mind! OK, OK so I got carried away there for a moment! Gees! Give this dog a break! You take me away from dogie couch, and a patio with an awesome view of the city. Feels like we are going to be going from one strange place to another; we are; I have just about had enough of this all-ready….. On second thought, I would never be happy any were, without my people! NEVER MIND!

This is part 2 of MAX the Golden Retriever’s First and Hopefully Last, Road Trip. Max is the fun loving companion to Stacy and Buddy, proud members of the CoTradeCo family.

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