HI, The last time I talked about termites I suggested orange oil. Orange oil works but after about a year it evaporates and the termites are back. I have used some real nasty oil based products with very nasty poisons. But, the same problem exists the oil goes away and the termites come back. If one does not want to tent ones house the only choice is to spot treat or replace the wood. HOWEVER, I discovered something new. It is nontoxic easy to work with and water based. I built a kayak and had some “System Three” two part liquid epoxy glue left over. This stuff is great, it dries stronger than the wood one glues together. I mixed the System Three, drew it up into a disposable plastic syringe and injected it into the hole where termites were pushing out their waste. It killed the termites and filled the damaged wood. It has been nine months now and the termites have not come back. This System Three does the work! I buy mine from Pygmy Kayaks. Look it up on line if you wish to try it. Perhaps old Trader Dan could carry it