Easy and Fun Ice Cream!

I am a huge fan of Ice Cream! I remember when I was young we had a hand crank ice cream maker, I wanted Ice cream all the time and my Dad would only bring it out about once a year! The truth is I cant blame him! It made a bit of a mess, and I would get tired of the whole process just a few cranks into it, and Mom and Dad would have to take over. Not there idea of fun!! But let me tell you the Ice Cream was like no other!

I finally tried the UCO Ice Cream ball this past weekend! And WOW! Talk about easy and fun! First off it only takes 3 ingredients to make the basic ice cream, I added some shaved Dark Chocolate which took mine up to a whopping 4 ingredients!! Check out the following link for recipe ideas:


We live in a Complex Downtown and have a common area roof, we headed up there with are filled up ball some extra ice and some extra rock salt. It started out with just the two of us rolling it around and passing back and forth, which actually was fun (unlike the old crank). After a few minutes we had several people ask us what the heck we were doing? When we told them making ice cream no one believed us. When we explained the process we had lots of volunteers for help (all adults), if they could taste the ice cream when it was done!

About 15 Minutes when it was time to stir it up, we were all like a bunch of kids looking into the ball to see how close we were to having ice cream. After stirring adding more ice and rock salt we went about passing and rolling the ball for another 15 minutes. It was then time for the big reveal! I went downstairs and got some small plates and plastic spoons and we dug in! It was fabulous just like the old times when I was a child! I now realize that I will need to get the Mega Ball just to share with everybody! The small works good for 2 maybe 3 people!

My plan is to make dinner for my dad for Fathers Day and I am taking the ball with me to make up Ice Cream for dessert. I know he will be impressed with how times have changed and I am sure he will tell me that he wishes they had that when I was a kid! I can tell you for a fact I am glad they have it now when I am an adult!