Let me be the first to say I love the new 1090 case! But I have to voice my discouragement with the 1090CC. Not the case itself, but the inability to get that case from Pelican!

We have had several customers calling and looking for it somewhere in stock and I in turn have called Pelican to find out “Where is our order”!.

I received yesterday discouraging news!! I was told we are still weeks away??? WHAT!!! I was then informed that Pelican is currently back ordered over 800 cases!! Over the weeks I have been told a ton of stories as to the delay, production problems, quality control problems with the latches and it goes on!! I really don’t know the exact reason for the delay and I probably never will, but I am mad about it! I just don’t understand how you launch a new product, with out being able to distribute it!!

With all that being said, along with the rest of you I wait!!! Are order is still in place at Pelican and when they ship to us, you will hear my shouts of joy nationwide. Ok maybe not my shouts but I will post to let everyone know that they are in stock.

Thanks for letting me rant!!

I wait with all of you – Stacy