50% off CoTradeCo Hard Times Breakfast Special

Trader Dan has been thinking a lot about how tight things are getting with the economy the way it is. While we sat around gibber-gabbering the other day about some new products being released by Chums and UK Underwater Kinetics he came up with a wacky idea.

Why not give the first person to buy brand new products posted at CoTradeCo 50% off! You heard me right. The first person to buy a brand new product (on the market, not just new to our online catalog :) would get 50% off. So we’re trying it out.

This is a new deal and for the time being applies to ANY BRAND NEW PRODUCT on the market that we sell here at CoTradeCo. The first person to complete a transaction, even pre-order and pay, will get 50% off on those brand new items.

Visit the new Hard Times Breakfast Special page to learn more!

We’ll see how it works out, but Trader Dan thought this fit right in with the spirit of the trading post, wheelin’ and dealin’, and giving people real reasons to keep coming back to CoTradeCo, whether it was for a good deal on the products they need, or sitting’ a spell and chattin’ it up in the communities.