CoTradeCo TRADER program: Broker Associate. Earn extra money through referral links

Earn easy money through the CoTradeCo Trader Program

This isn’t a get rich scheme. The Broker Associate program is for folks who want to make some extra money through their website or blog; and on sales to businesses, or organizations. This program is ideal for brokers, manufacturer representatives, and any website owner looking for new ways to monetize their site. If you are looking for a higher commission sales or dealer option, please see our CoTradeCo Trader Program main page

Ways to sell and get paid

All kinds of people, industries, hobbies, and lifestyles use CoTradeCo products and services

Referral links from your blog or website
We provide linking codes so you can link to any product, category, department, post, or resource page at CoTradeCo. See referral link examples

Direct sales
Don’t be limited to passive referrals. Start taking orders directly, cut deals, make a few calls to local businesses, clubs, or organizations who need CoTradeCo products and services. Phone in your direct sales orders and we can often negotiate better pricing for you to make more money.

Earn 30% of the net profit
You make money we make money. You can earn 30% of the net profit (the selling price less the cost of the merchandise, freight, credit card fees). There is no commission on shipping charges or sales tax. When we first launched the program the commission rate was 20% but when we saw the potential we raised it to 30%.

  • NO CAP. Earn as much as you can.
  • You must have accrued $50 in earnings before we send payment.
  • You must have at least one referral besides personal purchases before we send payment.
  • Payment is by check the first week of the month for the preceding period.
  • Ongoing commission for all referrals who order again within 12 months of their last purchase.

Example product

Web price Broker Associate
(30% of profit)
Price Commission
Widget C1 $10.25 $9.44 $0.81
Widget C15 $26.95 $25.28 $1.67
Widget kit $65.00 $59.61 $5.39
Widget bt $126.00 $116.27 $9.73
Widget C62 $215.25 $200.56 $14.69
NOTE: Price is like your cost. It is the equivalent price you will pay if you buy the product directly for yourself or would like to experiment with becoming a sales rep or dealer.
NOTE: Commission values vary depending on our profit margin for the product. However, your profit is not affected by shipping or tax. So while commission may change from time to time on a particular product depending on whether the product is on sale, our costs change, or we offer a volume purchaser a one time bulk discount your commission is not dependent or contingent on shipping costs. Typically 30% of net profit equates to approximately 5-9% of the retail selling price. On some products this can be as high as 12-15%.

Who should be a Broker Associate?

  • People who currently are a broker or manufacturer’s rep who wants to broaden their line.
  • Individuals who want to supplement their income and make some extra money.
  • Hobbyists, Outdoor adventurers, Firefighters, Military, Police, Hunters, Campers, stagehands, construction workers, sports people, anyone with a business, anyone who is involved with a profession, hobby, or activity that regularly purchases items found at CoTradeCo.
  • People who want cash back on their purchases

The Broker Associate program is open to any individual or business who operates a business or website. However, in accordance with our no spam policies, we only accept associates who operate a legitimate business or website offering useful information, products, or services compatible with our own. All Broker Associate accounts are reviewed and monitored by a real person to ensure the highest quality of service and participation. We will work with you every step of the way like a partner, not a numbered account in a system.

What you get from CoTradeCo:


  • Login anytime to check on your leads and customers. See how many people have used your referral links
  • Download catalogs and collateral. Get access to various marketing and promotional materials from our various vendors and those created by CoTradeCo for our sales reps, dealers, and other marketing.
  • Get your links and codes for online marketing from your blog or website. Note that CoTradeCo does not support spamming practices. Legitimate mailing lists and other similar practices are fine, but CoTradeCo is building a better way of doing business and will only support those who adhere to ethical business practices. See referral link examples here
  • We are a small company, and our Trader Program is still very new. Thus our online reporting is still being developed. In the mean time we will provide reports on all sales generated through your associate account by email as orders are generated.

CoTradeCo handles everything

We process all orders, handle payment, provide superior customer service, everything. All you need to do is send folks our way using your link codes.

Minimum participation requirements

  • Operate a legitimate business, blog or website
  • Maintain at least one referral per 6 month period (besides personal purchases)

NOTE: We allow Broker Associates to make personal purchases and earn commission (the equivalent of cashback or a discount). However, in order to avoid people signing up just to get a discount, we require at least a matching number of referrals for every purchase you make.

Get started. Be a Broker Associate!

Contact Trader Dan 1-760-519-1612

Or sign up for a SPOT and email us with your SPOT name, web addresses, and why you would be a good fit for the Broker Associate program.

Get started. Be an Broker Associate!

  1. Contact Trader Dan 866-530-4804
    Or sign up for a SPOT and email us with your SPOT name, web addresses, and why you would be a good fit for the Broker Associate program.
  2. We set your SPOT to access the Trader Admin for your link codes
  3. Place links on your website like an ad, write review articles of products with links, or send links to your mailing list and friends
  4. Start earning commission immediately

Trader Program resources!

If you have any questions not covered here, please feel free to contact us 866-530-4804. We are a friendly group who wants to work with you. These programs are extremely flexible and there is a lot of room for growth and you can be a part of building and improving the program to suit your needs.

Broker Associate program FAQ

1. What is CoTradeCo?

A New Time Trading Post, themed around the traditional old west trading post where individuals would meet not only to buy goods, but to meet other parties, and get news and information from around the world and even the trail ahead. CoTradeCo sells a wide variety of specialty product lines that cater to various industries, hobbies, and lifestyles. Our store reflects these relationships. CoTradeCo is currently focused in industrial, personal and work place safety as well as outdoor adventure. However, we do offer general household and other categories and hope to continue growing into a complete general store for work, life, and play.

Download a line card for more information.

2. Does it cost me anything?

NO! No strings, nothing hidden. There are absolutely no fees to join the Broker Associate program. (That wouldn’t make much sense ;)

While we review every application personally, we can have you set up usually the same day. No legitimate website or blog operator is likely to be denied access to the program other than for reasons of conflict of interest or no logical connection between CoTradeCo services and your content.

3. Can I be dropped from the program

YES. Individuals who attempt to exploit the program, spam, or otherwise behave poorly will be dropped. Generally, individuals who have at least one referral per 6 month period will be kept in the program, but we will always be in touch to discuss your situation. You will never be dropped without being contacted first.

4. Do you provide training for high volume Broker Associate?

YES. However, a Broker Associate with enough volume to ask this will be enrolled in the Dealer & Sales rep program which has the same referral options as the Broker Associate program, but is more likely to be out talking with customers directly. Like everything at CoTradeCo, nothing is written in stone, we take everything on a case by case basis. But ultimately we are here to work with you. There is always someone to answer questions.

5. What about returns?

If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if the charges are reversed for any reason that cancels the sale, your account will be reduced by the amount of those referral fees.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us

Always available for you
Trader Dan wants to talk.

Use our contact page or call us at:

PH: 1-760-519-1612
FAX: 866-525-8219

Or send some good old-fashioned paper mail:

PO BOX 131132
Carlsbad, CA 92013

2 A lead is someone who signed up for a SPOT but hasn’t purchased anything yet. A customer is, well, someone who purchased something and you will receive commission on.

CoTradeCo Trader Program: broker associate, sales reps, and dealers